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Very Important! 

The Biological Laws of Nature are a totally different way of looking at illnesses, it is a different way of thinking, that will extra other possibilities for healing.

Consciousness manifests itself, everything you see is the manifestation of consciousness and YOUR body is the physical manifestation of YOUR consciousness. Change your consciousness by integrating other ways of thinking into your system, then you will start to act and react differently, from within, from another inner knowledge. And slowly you will be manifesting yourself differently, your body will change and little miracles just might happen.

That is what the workshops are all about: integrating a different way of thinking, acting and reacting into your system. To what extent you will be succesful in this and how fast that will be, is completely up to you.

The workshops are information, they are a transfer of knowledge and no therapy or treatment method; the knowledge will not make you "better" and if you have a serious disease, it will not cause you to survive. They are about growing in consciousness and inner growth. 

What is your body?

The Biological Laws are about the body, how it functions and how it reacts to your perception about a situation. 
We hardly think about what the body exactly is, it is completely natural that it does exactly what you want: pick up a glass, eat, digest, hear, see, walk, etc. 

In the video below I like to let you think about the miracle that is called "your body" and wonder how on earth it is possible that it does everything we expect and are used to. 
Until we become ill, then the body "lets us down", it doesn't do what we expect from it...

The video below serves as an introduction of the workshop "Trust your Body" and it is also partly included in part 1. 

Online Workshops

All material will be in several parts on video and they can be worked through independently. But attending the weekly online Q&A webinars will widen and deepen your Inner knowledge. 

How it works

Every workshop will be divided in 8 tot 16 parts, the average length of a video presentation is be about an hour. 

After ordering and payment you will receive all video presentations of the workshop you ordered + a manual, that consists of the slides of the presentations. Then you can start going through the material.  
You will always be able to access the video's, there is no expiration date, so you can repeat watching them whenever you want. 

Q&A webinars

A series of 8 to 16 weekly Q&A webinars is included in the workshop and they are always on the same weekday and at the same time, see the program on the page of the workshop. We will start with part 1 in a certain week and every following week we will discuss a next part. 
The duration of a Q&A webinar is 1 to 1:30 hours. 

As a preparation you watch the video of the part that is scheduled for a particular Q&A. We will go through the material together and every attendant will be able to ask questions, share experiences and have discussions. 

The Q&A's are a very important, inspirational and motivational tool, that will enable you to integrate this into your daily live. So I would highly recommend you to attent them as much as possible.  Reviewing them later is the second best option, the recordings will be available for 14 days. 

Program of the Q&A webinars

Below the schedule of the Q&A's for the workshop Trust Your Body: the weekday and time and which part.
See for the summary of the content of the different parts and the registration form the specific page of this workshop.

Friday 14:00 CET

Please check what your local time is!

Workshop Trust your Body, fall 2023


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Other workshops

There are more workshops: 

  • "Bio-Logic of Behavior and Character"
  • "Bones, Tendons, Joints and Muscles"
  • "Completion of the 5 Biological Laws"
  • "The Eyes" 

If enough people are interested, also those can be translated into English.