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Workshop Trust your Body

This workshop in an introduction to the concept of the Biological Laws of Nature (BN) and a totally different way of thinking about sickness and health. 

The Dutch live version is a 4 day event. For the online event every day of the live event I have divided into 4 parts and one extra part about the evolution described in the Tun Calendar of the Maya's. In total the online workshop has 17 parts. Below you will find a short description the parts and the day in which the are discussed if it were a live workshop. 

Day 1: Re-thinking sickness and health

  • Part 1: Re-thinking the physical level
    Detailed presentation of the Hamer Compass, that describes the natural course of the biological programs. They start because of stress or a shocking situation. 
    Realization of the implications of this way of thinking, the way you act and react when confronted with symptoms, complaints and diagnoses. 
    In this presentation I follow the way of Dr. Hamer, how he discovered and published the 5 Biological Laws as a result of his own cancer process. Although he discovered these through cancer, he later found that it applies to all other diseases.
    Through these discoveries it becomes clear that fear for illnesses are unfounded and unnecessary. 
  • Part 2: Higher implications of het Hamer Compass
    The Hamer Compass is a diagram that can be recognized on many levels: it describes the physical processes, but it is also the mechanism of creation and manifestation. The functioning of the body is analog to the functioning of life. 
    Apart from that, the Hamer Compass also shows how to deal with stress, how to reduce the fear-reaction of the body and how to cope with pains and discomforts when being ill. 
    The Hamer Compass is the mechanism of life itself. 
  • Part 3: General course of the natural biological programs 
    Detailed discussion of the general characteristics of biological programs and its implications. Many experiences with little things: how to deal with them in another way and what the results are.  
    First exercise: practical application of the things you learned in order to let it sink in deeper.
  • Part 4: Structure of the BN and the program of the lungs
    From this part onwards we will discuss many biological programs in relation to the embryonic layer they originate from. We will start with the brainstem, the beginning of our evolutionary journey. Evolution and embryology are the logic behind the BN. 
    Detailed discussion of the lung program. We will see what we need to know to determine what is the matter with someone, how we can discover that, the importance of the phases of the Hamer Compass and what needs to happen in these different phases. 
    It will become clear that the BN are a beautiful knowledge base, but application it in your daily life can (and will) be challenging.

Day 2: The Endoderm and the Old Mesoderm (yellow and orange-yellow group)

  • Part 5: The existence conflict and its implications
    This last part of the re-thinking of the physical level is the most crucial of biological programs, because it is ALWAYS present and will influence all other running programs.
    Discussion of "The Syndrome" and its implications.
  • Part 6: Most important programs of the endoderm
    The digestion programs and the programs involving procreation; the survival of the species.
    Many of them we have experienced or seen in other people. 
    This part will make the BN tangible and we will start to recognize them.
  • Part 7: The Mid-brain
    The mid-brain is another part of the brainstem and it controls the smooth musculature of the body. This is the first jump in evolution and facilitates the development of multicellular creatures.
    More exercises to better understand the functioning of the BN and which questions to ask in order to discover what the matter with someone is. This is a continuation of what we did with the program of the lungs and it is the questionnaire one uses based on the BN.
  • Part 8: The Old Mesoderm
    This is the second jump in evolution: Multicellular creatures become a danger to each other and are in need of protection. Every jump in evolution necessitates new bodily functions and those are created through a new embryonic layer or an addition to an old one. 
    The importance of the mother-child side and partner side or social side and discussion of a few programs, including the breast glands. 

Day 3: The New Mesoderm and Ectoderm (orange and red group)

  • Part 9: Self Devaluation Conflicts (SDC)
    There is again a jump in evolution: species are moving out of the sea towards land and in order to live on land organisms need bones, tendons, muscles and joints to be able to move around in the thin atmosphere. 
    The orange group, the New Mesoderm, is an exception. Dr. Hamer calls it the luxury group, for me it is the spiritual group; it is the preparation for the emergence of mankind.
    These conflicts mainly occur in humans and can only be overcome by humans. It shows us that we have a creative power and it necessitates us to use that creative power in a positive way in order to run through the entire program. 
    This is an extremely interesting and important group and to resolve the conflict, one needs run through the entire Hamer Compass, the process of transformation.  
  • Part 10: SDC cases and exercises
    Discussion of the program of bone cancer and that of the breaking of a bone, the significance of the location in the body and a number of exercises, that we will address in detail in the Q&A. 
    Finally the programs of the ovaries and testicles will be covered. Organs don't judge themselves so one cannot speak of SDC's, but the programs run in accordance with the general program of this group. They have specific themes and are very special: in these programs the body is enhancing the functioning of the ovary or testicle by creating new tissue. In fact one is creating a new, enhanced organ. 
    Read the very impressive stories of Thea and Gert-Jan. They are in Dutch, please translate. 
  • Extra part: Movie + Mayan Calendar
    This part is not about the BN, it is about consciousness on a higher, spiritual level.
    It includes a movie that illustrates beautifully how impacts anchor themselves on a cellular level, how they can be triggered later in live and how certain behavior and physical complaints may occur. 
    Furthermore the Evolution of Consciousness expressed in the Tun Calendar of the Maya is explained.
    The BN show that the body doesn't make mistakes and that everything happens for a reason. The Mayan Calendar shows the same principle on a cosmic level. So nothing happens for nothing, everything happens for a reason and fear is in fact unnecessary, on all levels.
    It shows that the entire evolution is a preparation for the emergence of mankind. Only mankind is created in the image of GOD, only mankind has the Universal Divine Creative Power.
    In this part the physical (through the BN) and the spiritual (through Evolution) come together.
    For the online version I made this an extra part, so this workshop consists of 17 parts in total. 
  • Part 11: The Cortex (Red group)
    This last group is about the functioning of herds and families and is again a jump in evolution: species start to work together to create safety in numbers; they become dependent on one another. Thus separation becomes a problem. We also see a few programs with physical complaints in the active phase. 
    Now we have covered the general processes of all groups (embryonic layers) and we have seen these confirmed in a number of individual programs. It is important to be aware of the general program of each group, but every individual program has its own characteristics, which are tools to discover what is going on. 
  • Part 12: Daily life
    During this workshop the programs were discussed separately, but in reality there are always more programs running at the same time. Organs consist of several tissues that originate from several groups (embryonic layers), so in one organ several programs are possible. This is illustrated through the tissues and programs of the kidneys. 

Day 4: Story of the Body

Part 13 through 16 will teach you how to work with the BN in daily life and will give you tools to continue studying. These are very enlightening parts for everyone, the principles you learned will fall into place and you can start to look up and find out things by yourself. 

  • Part 13: Working with the "exercise set"
    You will make your own overview of the structure of the BN, for which you will receive a digital "exercise set".
  • Part 14: Looking up on the website (You need to translate it for the moment).
    In breakout rooms you will practice to tell a fellow student the essence of the Hamer Compass and you will learn to work with the website through the "practice exercises". You will look up theme and phase of many complaints, which enables you to continue studying by yourself. 
  • Part 15: Cases
    Finding out the "Story the Body" in simple cases: what happened in the life of a person and why did he get this complaint at that moment?
    First I will give an example with everyone present in the Q&A. After that you will do it yourself in a roll play with 2 or 3 fellow students in a breakout room. One of the people will the therapist, the other the client. You don't have to think of the questions and answers yourself, for they will be provided. When you figured out the story the body tells, you fill it out in the Hamer Compass. 
    The purpose of this exercise is to recognize the biological programs. They are right in front of you, you only need to become aware of them. 
  • Part 16: Role Play
    Three more cases in breakout rooms with fellow students. 


  • € 35,- for individual parts
  • € 440,- for the total workshop of 17 parts. 
  • PayPal service costs of other expenses for the money transfer

If you are hesitant if this this way of thinking is something that resonates with you, then you could try it out by ordering one or a few parts. Individual parts are more expensive a part than buying the complete workshop at once.


All live workshops are very interactive, the Q&A's are the interactive parts of the online workshops. So during the Q&A's questions can be asked, experiences can be shared and there will be discussions about how to handle related difficult situations and symptoms.

Although the online version is organized in such a way that one can study it by yourself, the Q&A's are very stimulating and motivating and will broaden en deepen your (inner) knowledge. You can review the Q&A's later, but it is recommended to be present in order to participate actively.
It is also possible to follow the Q&A's you missed in a next series. This is free of charge.

Codes of loose parts

  • Part 1: Re-thinking the physical level                                                                 Code:  TYB1
  • Part 2: Higher implications of het Hamer Compass                                            Code: TYB2
  • Part 3: General course of the natural biological programs                                  Code: TYB3
  • Part 4: Structure of the BN en the program of the lungs                                     Code : TYB4
  • Part 5: The existence conflict and its implications                                              Code: TYB5
  • Part 6: Most important programs of the endoderm                                             Code: TYB6
  • Part 7: The Mid-brain                                                                                          Code: TYB7
  • Part 8: The Old Mesoderm                                                                                  Code: TYB8
  • Part 9: Self Devaluation Conflicts (SDC)                                                           Code: TYB9
  • Part 10: SDC cases and exercises                                                                       Code: TYB10
  • Extra part: Movie + Mayan Calendar                                                                 Code: TYB-e
  • Part 11: The Cortex (Red group)                                                                         Code: TYB11
  • Part 12: Daily life                                                                                                Code: TYB12
  • Part 13: Working with the "exercise set"                                                            Code: TYB13
  • Part 14: Looking up on the website                                                                    Code: TYB14
  • Part 15: Cases                                                                                                      Code: TYB15
  • Part 16: Role Play                                                                                               CodeL TYB16


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